More Projects

Asides developing functional live websites for clients, I also create fun Webflow projects - this could be site clone or redesign, builds for Relume design challenge, site development for small businesses or NGOs with very low budgets, and volunteer projects.

Spendflo Design

Spendflo Clone

Fun project - Cloned the homepage for, a platform that allows you to automate your Saas process and save up to 30% on your spending
SnapWrite Test

SnapWrite Test

Did an assessment for SnapWrite AI to mock a page of Runalloy (source) using Webflow. This was created in a few hours although SnapWrite never got back to me on the progress of my application.
Reeddi Homepage Clone

Reeddi Clone

Cloned the homepage for, a platform that is bridging the accessibility gap with limitless & sustainable innovation
Brass Banking Clone

Brass Banking Clone

Clone the homepage for Brass Baking, a platform that allows you to do more with a business account also comes with financial tools and integrations for your business.
UDC 2023 Landing Page

UDC 2023 Clone

The idea was to replicate the speaker section of the UDC website to model the Stripe sessions feel. Made significant progress and also ended up recreating the full website.
Explore Naija

Explore Naija

Explore Naija displays major tourists attarction spots in Nigeria. Built with a Webflow + Airtable integration, the site uses AI generated images for some of the locations listed.

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My Design Workflow

User Research

I spend the early part of any project to find out what the intended user feels about what I am building. I design for the users after all and I must be sure they will have a good experience.


Bouncing off ideas is the next thing after the research has been completed. I try to think through a wide range of solutions that can be implemented before narrowing down to a few points.

Sketching & Wireframing

To ensure I have a good understanding of how to address the pain points recorded during user research, I attempt to make some sketches and transfer them to a low-fi wireframe.


This combines a more detailed wireframe together with possible interactions of screens that have been designed. This ensures that a working prototype is sent out for user testing.

User Testing

A good design work starts and ends with the user. At this stage, I allow a couple of individuals test what I have built, get feedback and make some iteration on the already existing prototype.